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BAIT-CAL Publishing

Baitcal Publishing develops and distributes our unique collection of books exploring untold accounts of American history. We put the compelling power of these stories at the fingertips of socially-conscious readers. Baitcal Publishing also manages the company's digital media library of historical interviews, speeches, and footage from American history. Our extensive database is home to a treasure chest of rare content and digital images from the mid- 20th Century to present. 

Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner The Case of Marilyn Monroe

Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe (Revised Edition)

"Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe" delivers a powerful new account of the official Coroner's investigation into Marilyn Monroe's death. Written by former Deputy Coroner Lionel Grandison, who investigated Marilyn's case in 1962 and signed her death certificate, this explosive new book chronicles his shocking experience with her case. Watch Video!

The Entrance Pacoima's Story

New Book Release - The Entrance: Pacoima's Story

Author and historian, Crystal Jackson, delivers an authentic and compelling account of one town's epic journey through American history. Since our nation's birth, Pacoima has been a microcosm of America's social development and evolution. From the Mission era and genocide of the area's natives, into becoming among the country's first suburban minority communities, Pacoima's diverse cultural history is unlike any other. This fantastic new book features hundreds of historic photos from Pacoima's history and more than 600 pages of information about the town. The Los Angeles Daily News recently published a great review of "The Entrance: Pacoima's Story." Read 'Daily News' Article

Our Family's Evolution From Nationalism to Al-Islam

Our Family's Evolution—From Nationalism To Al-Islam

Read an authentic historical account of how America’s domestic black population came upon the religion of Al-Islam and its spread to African-American communities across the country. Discover this captivating, yet seldom discussed history, through a telling memoir written by noted Muslim American historian Abdul Karim Hasan. His family has been part of this experience for over 90 years. This compelling literary masterpiece defines this critical aspect of African-Americans.

Media Licensing

Since 1972, our company has been an essential part of documenting African-American life and culture. Our library features exclusive interviews, speeches, and stock images from key figures in American history. Our extensive media resource Library and Database is home to a treasure chest of rare footage and digital photos from the mid- 20th Century to present. BAIT-CAL's comprehensive media archive offers you an extensive collection of stock footage centering on the African-American Experience. 

Muhammad Ali interview - 1975
Rosa Parks interview - 1984

We hold a wide-ranging library of data-based, copyright-cleared, and digital archival footage. Our media archive includes exclusive interviews with Muhammad Ali, Jesse Jackson, Rosa Parks, Eddie Murphy, Louis Farrakhan, Quincy Jones, Dick Gregory, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Aaron Spelling, Benjamin Hooks, Tom Bradley and more. Our special collections libraries consist of all genres of footage and photos, including history, religion, politics, entertainment, sports, and others.

Our music collection covers American pop-culture music, including urban contemporary and hip-hop, featuring classic footage and interviews with Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Rick James, Bootsy Collins, Macy Gray, Bobby Brown, Nancy Wilson, Teena Marie and many more.

Our library also features the world's largest collection of footage documenting the evolution of Islam in America. With a history spanning nearly 45 years, if you're looking for special footage depicting the African-American experience, the BAIT-CAL media archives may be the place for you.

The BAIT-CAL Stock Footage and Digital Media Library is a national treasure of 20th century African-American history. It hosts archival footage of historically significant figures and social events from American history. The entire media collection is databased, copyright-cleared, and available for immediate licensing. We provide licensing to clients purchasing stock footage and images for every production budget imaginable, all accessible through one of our simple licensing plans. Let us assist you with your image licensing needs. If African-American stock footage is what you need, put our library to work for you. Most footage can be delivered overnight or IMMEDIATELY through our ONLINE service features.


Footage provided by BAIT-CAL licensed, not sold. Meaning, we provide clients with the necessary rights to use our footage in one particular production. The licensed material non-transferable and may not be reused in any project other than specified in the license agreement. Under certain conditions, additional rights may be required.


License agreements provided by BAIT-CAL provide clearance for the motion picture copyright only. In some cases, additional rights may be necessary (i.e., music publishing and image & likeness). All third party rights are expressly the responsibility of the licensee to obtain. 


The footage presented in this database is copyright-owned or copyright-represented by BAIT-CAL except for footage provided as access-only. PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS are available on an access-only basis with no rights given or implied. The licensee must secure all clearances with the copyright holder(s) before usage.


Let us help you find the precise clips you need from our digital image and video archive. Please send us your footage request, and our research staff will complete a stock image search for you. We will send you, usually within 24 hours, a list of matches from our extensive stock footage library.