Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe

The Case of Marilyn Monroe" presents a powerful new account of the official Coroner's investigation into Marilyn Monroe's death. This real-life story is based on the memoirs of ex-Deputy Coroner Lionel Grandison, who investigated Marilyn's case in 1962, and signed her death certificate. His shocking revelations provide a compelling and riveting inside look at the massive cover-up he witnessed.

Never has Marilyn Monroe's story been told through the eyes of somebody who participated in the official investigation. Learn stunning new details about what transpired at the Coroner's Office and how the cover-up unfolded.

The book exposes the complex web of deceit surrounding Marilyn's death. Grandison was the last public official to see and read Marilyn's secret diary. The journal arrived at the Coroner's Office with personal property recovered from her house.

The diary revealed startling facts about Marilyn's explosive involvement with the Kennedys, FBI, CIA, and Mafia members. It depicted a high stakes secret life lived by Marilyn and her knowledge of sensitive government issues, which may have gotten her killed.

The story is mind-boggling and connects the dots where many journalists have failed. Readers will discover a side of Marilyn Monroe they never knew or imagined. The book offers a true understanding of her complicated life and what most likely caused her death. Watch Video about this story!

Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner - The Case of Marilyn Monroe

Paperback, 300 pages
Published July 24, 2012 by Baitcal Publishing
Original Title: Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe
ISBN: 978-0985961916
Edition Language: English

Lionel Grandison Jr and his father Samir Muqaddin who officially investigated marilyn monroe's death in 1962


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