Baitcal Media Group is an American entertainment company that produces, distributes, and licenses content worldwide to cable and streaming networks, independent TV stations, and news agencies. Our extensive library of documentaries, TV shows, literary works, historic African-American footage, and interviews with legendary figures have been viewed worldwide.

The company operates under the trademarked brand names of BC Television & Films, BAIT‐CAL Publishing, and Muslim News Magazine. Our primary objective is to develop unique concepts for the film and television business to create new frontiers in the entertainment industry. We are a fast-growing supplier of streaming video, audio, and other digital media content, offering live and on-demand video streams, including movies, television shows, documentaries, music videos, and original television programming, to a global audience.

Our credits & clients include ABC News, CNN, Spike-TV, Tribune Entertainment, CBS Broadcast Stations Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, Paramount Studios, Capital Cities/ABC Communications, Turkish Radio and Television Network, Malaysian Television Network, Italian National Network, Australian National Network, Dish Network, and Black Entertainment Television.

Founded by Lionel Grandison (Samir Muqaddin) in 1972, Baitcal has become an iconic entertainment company boasting four decades of experience in the communications industry. Lon Grandison-Muqaddin is now president and C.E.O. of Baitcal Media Group. 

We conduct current operations through our three primary operating subsidiaries:


  • BC Television & Films  produces and distributes documentary movies and television shows in the United States, Turkey, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom. The company has delivered 35 award-winning films, including 2015’s “From Africa to the White House” featuring Academy Award winner Louis Gossett Jr., Angela Bassett, and Emmy Award winner Glynn Turman and 2018 PAFF “Best Feature Documentary” nominee PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams. 

  • BAIT-CAL Publishing  evelops and distributes our unique collection of books exploring untold accounts of American history. BAIT-CAL Publishing puts the compelling power of these stories at the fingertips of socially-conscious readers. The latest release, "The Entrance: Pacoima's Story" by Crystal Jackson, has earned excellent reviews from the Los Angeles Daily News. Our top-selling paperback and e-book is "Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe." Numerous national magazines have featured this critically acclaimed book. BCP also manages the company's digital media library of historical interviews, speeches, and footage from American history. Our extensive database is home to a treasure chest of rare content and digital images from the mid- 20th Century to present. 

  • Muslim News Magazine (MNM) is our multi-media news and entertainment organization. Since 1990, MNM has been a leading source for news and information about Muslims in America. Their popular streaming video platform, MuslimNewsMagazine.TV, offers live, on-demand, and pay-per-view programming, including live events, movies, TV shows, and news coverage. MNM is one of the first Muslim-American streaming platforms. The company currently hosts one of the world's largest American Muslim media archives. 

BC Television and Films
Baitcal Publishing
MNM - Muslim News Magazine TV

BAIT-CAL Media Group, Inc. owns an extensive library of video, photos, and audiotape documenting the African-American experience over the past half-century. Our archives feature some of the most prominent names in American history, including exclusive interviews with Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Dick Gregory, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Eddie Murphy, Louis Gossett, Jr., Quincy Jones, Isabel Sanford, Nancy Wilson, Rick James, Dr. Benjamin Hooks, Minister Louis Farrakhan and more.

In addition to our vast library of historical footage, we also develop and manage our own proprietary digital media content. Our collection of entertainment properties features exclusive titles of television shows and films, including mini-series, documentaries, news, music, religion, and more. Our entertainment content includes the highly successful television franchise, "Video Hot Mix." The series has been aired and produced for Tribune Broadcast Stations, CBS Broadcast Stations, and Spike TV. Our digital offerings feature an award-winning collection of documentary films including,"From Africa to the White House,” “The Legend of Timbuktu,” and “Unsung Heroes of Soul: The Philly Sound.”

Our latest film release, “PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams,” was nominated as “Best Feature Documentary” at the 2018 Pan-African Film Festival and will begin streaming on Amazon Prime Video later this year. Many of our titles are available on DVD and Blu-Ray HD. Our goal is to continue to create unique, fresh, and exclusive content, including many genres of television and film. Our content targets African-American viewers, providing high-quality programming to one of America’s most underserved markets. 

Baitcal has documented the Muslim experience in America since the early 1970s. With population growth and interest in the religion of Islam now at an all-time high, we launched MNM-TV, a web-based streaming channel designed for today's Muslim Americans. MNM provides high-quality entertainment programming targeting millions of Muslims in America. 

Baitcal Media Group

Since its inception, the company has set its sights on growth, diversification, and inclusive representation. Baitcal provides an all-encompassing platform that highlights the African-American/Muslim-American experience. Our goal is to play an instrumental role in making these stories of history and culture, reach a broader audience.

Our vision is to create a media empire utilizing this platform and finding like-minded partners to strengthen the brand and broaden our scope of operations.