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Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe

Lionel Grandison signs books - Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner

“Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe” is a riveting book that details the powerful true-life account of Lionel Grandison, the Deputy Coroner who investigated Marilyn Monroe’s case and signed her death certificate.

Grandison is the first public official directly related to the Marilyn Monroe’s case, to write a memoir about the formal investigation and controversy surrounding her death.

"The book describes his incredible experience with Monroe and provides critical insight into what really happened at the Coroners Office in the days following her death,” said Lionel Grandison Jr., who co-authored the book with his father. 

“Most people are unaware that a 22-year old African-American was at the center of Marilyn’s investigation. The events that transpired in 1962 changed my father's life forever and his story is an unheralded part of American history.” 

At the heart of this story is Grandison’s discovery of Marilyn’s secret diary, which was brought in with Marilyn’s property the day of her death. The book reveals passages from Marilyn’s diary describing her involvement with Government Agencies and key public figures. Grandison was the last County official to acknowledge reading the diary before it disappeared from the Coroner’s Office days after her death.

Now 77, he also sparked the infamous 1982 District Attorney Inquiry into her death, after telling the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor’s about what happened at the Coroner’s Office. 

“My father is one of the last direct links to this historic case,” Grandison Jr. noted. “This book is about much more than Marilyn Monroe. It's about American Democracy and the somtimes tragic consequences of getting placed in its path."

Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe is published by BC Publishing, a division of BAIT-CAL. You can purchase this book on Paperback or Digital Download at Amazon.

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