BAIT-CAL Developing New Movie Based on 'Memoirs' Book

BC Television & Films is developing a new motion picture screenplay based upon BAIT-CAL Publishing's top-selling book, "Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe". The film will tell the amazing true-life story of Lionel Grandison, the Deputy Coroner, who officially investigated Marilyn's case in 1962 and signed her death certificate. 

"This is a very exciting time for us," stated one of the film's screenplay writers, Crystal Jackson. "We are extremely happy for the opportunity to bring this unheralded tale to the big screen."

Jackson, who recently received a 'best documentary' nomination for her epic film "PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams," teamed up with the book's co-author Lionel Grandison Jr., to write the screenplay.

"The Case of Marilyn Monroe" reveals the fascinating story of a young African-American man in the early sixties, who overcomes tremedous odds to become a Los Angeles County Coroner's Deputy. His struggles lead him through a turbulent time in America's past and face to face with Hollywood's most infamous celebrity death. The story presents a real account of Grandison's  life, his fight to determine the truth about her death, and the conspiracy unleashed to keep him quiet.

Interest has been extremely high in this project," added Jackson. "This is a rare opportunity to tell an African-American story with mainstream appeal. The implications of Grandison's story are far-reaching and involves some of the most prominent names in American History. It can be one truly epic film."

Although no timeline has been announced, the project is expected to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Monroe's death coming in 2022.

New marilyn Monroe Movie 'The Case of Marilyn Monroe

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