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PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams

This remarkable documentary is a powerful look at the legendary empires of West Africa, and their untold impact on world history.

Once called 'Bilad al-Sudan' by Arab historians, which means 'land of the Blacks', the empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were the largest in the world during their time. Their unprecedented growth and prosperity spawned generations of great leaders and scholars, many of which are just becoming known. 

'The Legend of Timbuktu' tells the story of that great history like never before. The film delivers the most current and up to date facts about West African history, including the rise and fall of Timbuktu. Critics have praised its driving narrative.

This critically acclaimed documentary tells a story of Africa like never before. From great African leaders like Mansa Musa, who raised Timbuktu to new heights - to Mansa Abubakari, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean to America nearly 200 years before Columbus. RT: 50 Minutes

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