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The Legend of Timbuktu
'Legacy of Timbuktu: Wonders of the Written Word' exhibit set to arrive in Los Angeles

'Legacy of Timbuktu: Wonders of the Written Word' exhibit set to arrive in Los Angeles

BAIT-CAL Worldwide has officially announced the dates for the highly anticipated arrival of the "The Legacy of Timbuktu: Wonders of the Written Word" traveling exhibition in Los Angeles. The exhibit, which is being presented by the International Museum of Muslim Cultures, will be on display over the weekend of September 12, 13, and 14, 2014 at the Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Masjid near U.S.C.

The Legend of Timbuktu

BAIT-CAL Films releases new DVD documentary - 'The Legend of Timbuktu'

BAIT-CAL Films announced today the release of their new DVD documentary, 'The Legend of Timbuktu'. The film is a powerful look at the legendary city of Timbuktu and the ancient empires of West Africa. Hailed by critics for it's driving narrative, this powerful presentation explores Timbuktu's legacy and untold impact on world history.

THe Case of Marilyn Monroe movie

BC Films acquires screenplay for 'The Case of Marilyn Monroe'

BC Films has acquired a screenplay adaptation based upon the best-selling book, "Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe". The upcoming film tells the amazing true-life story of Lionel Grandison, who officially investigated the Monroe case in 1962 and was forced to sign her death certificate. The new movie is scheduled to begin production in early 2014.

'Preserving African American Legends' aims to change perception of Black history

“Preserving African-American Legends” is powerful television program that takes an inspiring look at black history and the iconic figures who influenced it most. Produced by BAIT-CAL Films and New Images LTD, it tells the stories of key African-Americans and how their impact helped shape world history.

MNM Television Network

BAIT-CAL's new Internet television channel changes the perception of Muslims in America

Late last year, when the company launched their new channel MNM-TV, its hope was to offer a different look at Islam, by providing TV programmming that highlighst Muslim-American culture and history. Now just a few months later, the channel has become a groundbreaking Islamic Television Network that changes the perception of Islam in the United States.

Unsung Heroes of Soul

'Unsung Heroes of Soul' documents the musical legends that created the Sound of Philadelphia

"Unsung Heroes of Soul" is a documentary film about the musical legends that created the Sound of Philadelphia. Writers, arrangers, musicians and engineers describe their unique experiences working with producers Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff and Thom Bell.

Video Hot Mix TV

Video Hot Mix will make content available for Digital Streaming Networks in 2014

BAIT-CAL has began discussions to bring their popular show, "Video Hot Mix TV", to satellite and digital streaming networks in 2014. VHM has been a huge ratings winner for BAIT-CAL in the past and become a cult favorite in the music world.

Former Deputy Coroner Lionel Grandison

New book tells story of African-American Deputy Coroner who investigated Marilyn Monroe's case and signed her death certificate

BAIT-CAL Publishing has released a new non-fiction literary work entitled, “Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe”. This riveting book details the powerful true-life account of Lionel Grandison, the African-American Deputy Coroner who investigated Marilyn Monroe’s case and signed her death certificate.

BAIT-CAL Producer Peggy Toy interviews Muhammad Ali in 1975

40 Years documenting the evolution of African-Americans

In 1972, a group of professionals from Cal State University- Los Angeles formed Black Awareness in Television California. Their purpose was to broaden media participation in the African American Community. Learn the amazing history of BAIT-CAL

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