Crystal Jackson - Not Colored

Based on a true-story, “Not Colored” is one African American family’s epic journey through the highs and lows of America’s social consciousness. From enduring slavery and the tragedy of "Black Wall Street" to conquering deeply entrenched racial barriers, they fight to overcome the many 20th century societal challenges consuming their daily lives. Learning who they are and where they fit in becomes their defining life lessons.

This compelling historical novel from award-winning filmmaker and author Crystal Jackson dives into the complex dynamics of race through her maternal ancestors. It traces the lives of her great-grandmother, whose father was a slave, and grandmother Veda James, born during the Spanish Flu pandemic, who defied all odds by becoming the first woman to work at LAPD’s Detective Division in 1945.

At a young age, Veda caught the attention of a white police officer that encouraged her to break barriers. Blessed with a photographic memory, she assisted in solving major crimes and mastered law enforcement culture, despite working within a racist and misogynistic police system. While propelling her to incredible heights, Veda’s memory slowly becomes her worst enemy when lingering dark images from murder scenes torment her, leading to nightmares, alcohol and pills. Success always comes with a price.

Navigating racial boundaries, sexism, relationships, parenthood, and more, Crystal Jackson delivers the captivating journey of a woman trying not to see color when everyone else does, while coming to unexpected realizations about her race, family, and career. The book contains vintage real-life photos to enhance the story and news clippings that verify its factual origins. Rare Los Angeles Police Department photos and documents from Newton & Foothill Divisions (40s, 50s and 60s) are also included.

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Book includes rare photos and historical documents
Hardcover/Paperback, 323 pages
Published January 31, 2022 by Baitcal Publishing
Original Title: Not Colored
Author: Crystal Jackson
ISBN: 978-0985961985
Edition Language: English