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The Case of Marilyn Monroe


BAIT-CAL Acquires Movie Rights to “Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe"



The Case of Marilyn Monroe

BAIT-CAL has obtained the literary movie rights to the top-selling book, "Memoirs of a Deputy Coroner: The Case of Marilyn Monroe". The story is based on the amazing true-life story of Lionel Grandison, the Deputy Coroner, who officially investigated Marilyn's case in 1962 and signed her death certificate.

Lionel Grandison is the first public official directly related to Marilyn Monroe’s case, to write a memoir about the formal investigation. “The book tells the amazing true-life story of my father’s incredible experience with Marilyn Monroe and the Los Angeles County Coroners office.” said Lionel Grandison Jr., who co-authored the book. “What happened to him in 1962 changed his life for ever and his story is an unheralded part of American history.”

Grandison was the youngest African-American ever to be employed by the Los Angeles County Coroner. His life would be turned upside down after becoming involved in the Marilyn Monroe case. The film will detail his experiences at the Coroner’s office, which includes the massive cover-up he witnessed and discovering Marilyn's secret diary.

"This is a very exciting time for us," stated Crystal Jackson, who is working on a screenplay adaptation of the book. "We are extremely excited about bringing this powerful tale to the big screen."

Grandison, who played key roles in several high profile Coroner cases, also sparked a historic 1982 District Attorney’s inquiry, after telling the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor’s about the cover-up and diary. The screenplay’s adaptation of these events and the people involved are riveting. His revelations about how the Coroner’s office, LAPD and District Attorney’s office destroyed, lost, mishandled and covered up evidence during the investigation are jaw dropping.

 “This promises to be the most powerful film ever produced on the Marilyn Monroe story,” Jackson predicted. “That fact it will be told through the eyes of an African-American makes it truly special.”

BAIT-CAL has released a promotional teaser that outlines Grandison's involvement with the Marilyn Monroe case.