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logo Our Early History...

In 1972, a group of professionals and students from California State University of Los Angeles formed a Non- Profit Corporation called Black Awareness in Television - California. Their purpose was to broaden participation in, and utilization of, media by members of the African American Community. They began to conduct radio and television workshops where trainees learned the basics of media production and developed the necessary skills to enter the field of broadcasting.

baitcal2In The Community, For The Community...

In 1973, BAIT-CAL was contracted by Capital Cities Communications to produce a 60 minute community affairs radio program entitled "Who Cares." The show received critical acclaim for its community news coverage. This association with Capital Cities would last 12 years with BAIT-CAL broadcasting over 600 hours of programs produced by its trainees and instructors.


6th Pan-African Congress...
pan african congress

The national scope of the distribution included a historic coverage of the Sixth Pan African Congress where leaders from around the world gathered to discuss global issues. At the top of the agenda was how Africa and other Third World countries could recover economically from colonialism. A Large contingency of African Americans including Ebony Magazine traveled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to participate in the Conference.

Black Awareness in Television sent producers to record the event and interview the participants. 4 one-hour specials were produced for distribution which aired Internationally and on Capital Cities radio affiliates in Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, and Chicago. The production was nominated for the prestigious Communications Excellence to Black Audience Award which was the first of 2 such nominations.


Those 70's Shows...

In 1974, the company began its highly acclaimed television workshops at KVST TV. BAIT-CAL was the only African American production team, producing 90 minutes of weekly programs for a PBS Station. This began our distribution of broadcast television properties.

For the next 5 years Black Awareness in Television produced programs for KABC-7, KCOP-13 and KHJ-9 in Los Angeles. During this time, the company began to archive an incredible library of historic African-American video footage.

muhammad ali For My People...

From the mid to late 70's, BAIT-CAL recorded interviews, events, and speeches featuring some of the most noteworthy people in black history. Muhammad Ali, Louis Farrakhan, Brock Peters, Nancy Wilson, Mayor Tom Bradley and many more.


InternationL COMMUNITY FAIR Sign of the Times

Among the series produced by Black Awareness in Television was "For My People", a 60 minute news magazine covering organizations such as the NAACP Image Awards, Urban League, National Association of Black Social Workers, Liberia Independence Day Celebration with President Adolphus Tolbert and the Nation of Islam.

Roger Mosley BAIT-CAL Presents

Other series included,“Inside Music" and “Black Awareness in Television Presents”, which featured entertainment and celebrity interviews dealing with the issues of Black America. Guests included B.B. King, Ray Charles, Gloria Lynn, Dick Gregory, Isabel Sanford, Roger Mosley and others.

That's Black Entertainment

In the 80’s, the production team went for more sophisticated projects including 3 stage productions. "Odyssey" featured world class designers and top models displaying the world's top fashions. "Corner Boy" was adapted from a best selling novel by Herbert Simmons. It's a story about a teenage drug dealer trying to get off the corner.

Concepts In Elegance

"Concepts of Elegance" starred L. J. Reynolds of the Dramatics and Scheerie Payne of the Supremes. The production revolves around a cast of models who have lost their wardrobe on the way to New York. Choreographed by Jameel Rasheed

Rosa Parks Jesse Jackson 1984 Moving Towards the New Millenium

During the 80's, BAIT-CAL also maintained it's comittment to socially significant productions. "Tribute to a King Man" was a look at how Martin Luther King was being remembered in cities through out America 20 years after his death.

"Living with Diabetes" broke down the problems of this deadly condition confronting the African American community. Doctors, Nurses, Dieticians and Pharmacists were interviewed about the way to deal with this disease.

"Bulletsto Ballots" follows the plight of black politicians from the reconstruction era to the historic run for President by Jesse Jackson. Featuring exclusive interviews with Rosa Parks, Eddie Murphy, Dick Gregory and more.

Check back for part 2 of this story, as BAIT-CAL powers through the 90's and into the new millenium.