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From Africa To The White House

This powerful documentary takes an inspiring look at black history and the iconic figures who influenced it most. Produced by BAIT-CAL Films and New Images LTD, it tells the stories of pivotal African-Americans. It reveals how their impact helped shape our world's history.

This critically-acclaimed film offers an insightful perspective on how African-Americans overcame racism's shackles during their long journey from slavery to the White House. 

Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, The Temptations and former U.S. President Barack Obama are the focus of this riveting documentary. It examines their pivotal roles in African-American history and connects the significance of their stories like never before. 

This first installment from the "Preserving African American Legends" documentary series, is written and directed by Lon Muqaddin. He brings these historical legends to life with a driving narrative, rare video footage, classic photos, and exquisite artwork by internationally acclaimed fine artist Jameel Rasheed.

Previously unreleased historic interviews with 'mother' of the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks, and late World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali are part of the programs many highlights. It also features special appearances from big-name stars such as Academy Award-winning actor Louis Gossett, Jr., actress Angela Bassett, Emmy Award-winning actor Glynn Turman and more.

From Africa To The White House” changes the perception of Black History by tracing and connecting the threads that bind it. The footage is absolutely amazing and the story’s powerful message represents a parable of hope and courage for people around the world. 

Written & Directed by: